Google Pixel 9 Pro Review : Release date, specs, price & more

Google Pixel 9 Pro Review : Release date, specs, price & more

Google Pixel 9 Pro : Speed, though, isn’t everything. With its Magic Editor, the Pixel series led the way in utilizing artificial intelligence, and with the Pixel 9, it appears that Google is not going to be content to sit back and take it all easy.

Google is reportedly developing Pixie, a potent new AI helper that may “evolve into a far more personalized version of the Google Assistant,” according to a story in The Information. For instance, it might be able to carry out “complex and multimodal tasks” such as “recommending the nearest store where an individual can purchase a product they have taken a picture of.”

Google Pixel 9 Pro
Google Pixel 9 Pro

One piece of information on the camera specifications was provided by MySmartPrice, along with renders of the phone and its updated camera array: “The large sensor on the camera island suggests that Google will likely equip the device with support for variable aperture.”

Google Pixel 9 Pro Price

If nothing unforeseen happens, the Pixel 9 Pro is scheduled to launch in October 2024. Aside from less expensive A-series phones, the Pixel has only once failed to launch in October since the line’s 2016 launch; that occasion occurred during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, when the Pixel 5 instead launched at the end of September 2020.Cost is more difficult to estimate. The starting price of the Pixel 8 Pro was raised to $999 last year when both Pixel phones had a $100 price increase. We’d expect Google to avoid that this year because raising the price to four digits psychologically makes phones appear much more expensive to the typical user.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Design

The most intriguing speculation regarding the design of the Pixel 9 Pro came from an insider who leaked Google’s future plans towards the end of 2022. According to the leak, there will be two Pixel 9 Pro smartphones. The leak also accurately predicted the release of the Pixel Fold and several other announcements in the months that followed.

One would have a screen that is identical to the present model’s 6.7 inches, while the other would have a smaller 6.3 inches. If verified, it would resemble Apple’s Pro approach, which consists of the smaller iPhone 15 Pro and the bigger iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The first design render we’ve seen, meanwhile, seems to contradict that somewhat by suggesting that the Pixel 9 Pro would have a 6.5-inch screen. That does not preclude the possibility of a second Pro model, but the question remains as to how big or small it would be.

Nevertheless, the renders that go with this piece clearly show one alteration in the design: The recognizable camera bar has been resized, moving from its original edge-to-edge position to a vertical pill on the back.

Google Pixel 9 Pro
Google Pixel 9 Pro

Google Pixel 9 Pro Features

Regarding the specifications, we don’t know much. It will most likely include the Tensor G4 chipset, while it is currently unknown what the speed implications will be. It’s advisable to lower your expectations, though, as insiders who spoke with Android Authority stated that the update will “probably be smaller than originally planned.”

However, Tensor G4’s manufacturer, Samsung, may have included some significant new technology. Hopefully, this will translate into improved thermal management and performance, bringing the new Pixel closer to its competitors.

Lastly, we anticipate that Android 15 will be available on the Pixel 9 Pro initially. Though one rumor claims we might see lock screen widgets return, it’s still far too early to tell what to anticipate from that. However, we’ll probably get an early peek at Google I/O this summer.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Outlook

Although there haven’t been many Pixel 9 Pro leaks yet, it appears that Google may be working on some significant improvements even in the event that the smaller Pixel 9 Pro that has been reported doesn’t happen.

In particular, it will be intriguing to see how innovative Google’s Pixie AI assistant proves to be, given Samsung’s strong push towards artificial intelligence. It will be revealed in ten months.

Google Pixel 9 Pro FAQ’s

1. What is the price of the Pixel 9 Pro?

The cost is also still a mystery. Expect a pricing like the $899 starting point of the Pixel 8 Pro, given the premium positioning of the Pixel line. When Google releases the phone’s official pricing information, keep checking back.

2. Is a Pixel 9 coming? If so, what will it cost?

Although Google has not released any official information, a Pixel 9 seems very likely given their history of releasing new Pixel models every year. Price-wise, details are still being kept secret. On the other hand, historical patterns indicate that the pricing will likely be in the range of the Pixel 8, which began at $599. Await Google’s formal announcement regarding the verified price.

3. What makes Google Pixel phones so popular?

Unmatched Camera Performance: Pixel phones are known for their amazing cameras, which regularly produce beautiful images and movies, even in dimly lit environments.
Software That’s Clear and Quick: Pixel phones use pure Android, which provides a clear, bloatware-free experience with regular updates straight from Google.
Google Integration: For individuals who are deeply involved in the Google ecosystem, Pixel phones offer a pleasant user experience by integrating seamlessly with Google services like Assistant, Photos, and Drive.

3. When will the Pixel 9 become more known?

Fall is when Google usually releases the Pixel phone lineup. Thus, sometime in the fall of 2024, we can anticipate an official announcement regarding the Pixel 9. For the most recent updates, monitor Google’s official channels and tech news sources.

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