Realme GT5 Pro First Impresion

Realme GT5 Pro First Impresion

Realme GT5 Pro : With the release of the Realme GT5 Pro, the tech community is ablaze. With its cutting-edge features and premium specifications, this phone looks to be a serious challenger for the flagship market. However, how does it do in terms of initial impressions? Let’s examine the early opinions and rumors about this powerful phone.


According to early rumors, the GT5 Pro sports a stunning 6.78-inch display with 1.5K resolution. This translates to colorful viewing and crisp images, making it ideal for web browsing, gaming, and watching videos. Furthermore, there are speculations of an astounding peak brightness of 4500 nits, which would make the display clearly viewable even in direct sunlight. This places the GT5 Pro for superior outdoor readability and is a major improvement over earlier Realme phones.


There are rumors that the potent Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU is at the core of the GT5 Pro. With its lightning-fast performance, this newest chipset can easily handle demanding jobs and multitask. According to early estimates, the phone may have up to 16GB of RAM, which would improve its capacity to run several programs quickly and without lag. The combination of a strong processor and lots of RAM will probably be appreciated by gamers since it makes for a fluid and engaging gaming experience.


With the GT5 Pro, Realme appears to be serious about the photography department. A triple-rear camera system featuring a 50MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide sensor, and an unexpected 50MP periscope telephoto lens is suggested by leaks. With the potential for remarkable optical zoom powers, this telephoto lens enables users to capture far-off subjects with remarkable clarity. Video chatters and selfie lovers alike might be satisfied by the 32MP front-facing camera. Although actual testing is necessary to provide an accurate assessment of camera quality, the purported specs offer aficionados of photography hope.


The GT5 Pro is anticipated to come with a sizable 5400mAh battery, which is customary for flagship phones and is known to provide most users with a full day’s worth of use on a single charge. The phone is also believed to offer 100W SuperVOOC Flash Charging, which will enable you to swiftly recharge your battery when necessary. In our fast-paced world, quick charging is becoming more and more crucial, and the GT5 Pro seems to be well-equipped in this area.

A Specialty for Tech Enthusiasts and Power Users

Based on these preliminary impressions, the Realme GT5 Pro appears to be aimed at tech enthusiasts and power users who are looking for a phone that offers exceptional performance, an eye-catching display, and a flexible camera setup. The robust processor and fluid performance will probably be appreciated by gamers, and the camera setup may be ideal for content creators.

Realme GT5 Pro FAQ’s

1. How much will the Realme GT5 Pro cost?

Although the official price has not been disclosed, reports indicate that the 8GB RAM + 256GB storage option would start at about ₹21,790 (about $260). It’s possible to have more storage options for a somewhat greater cost.

2. What date does the Realme GT5 Pro go on sale?

Put dates in your calendars! On April 7, 2024, the Realme GT5 Pro is anticipated to be on sale in India.

3. Is the display on the Realme GT5 Pro good?

According to leaks, there will be a sizable 6.78-inch AMOLED screen with a high refresh rate (maybe 120Hz or even 240Hz) and 1.5K resolution for a fluid and engaging viewing experience. Furthermore, the reported peak brightness of 4500 nits indicates exceptional outdoor readability.

4. What is the Realme GT5 Pro’s power?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU, which will power the GT5 Pro, is anticipated to deliver excellent performance for taxing workloads, multitasking, and gaming. Configurations with up to 16GB of RAM are reportedly recommended for smooth multitasking.

5. How is the camera setup in Realme GT5 Pro ?

Leaks indicate a triple-rear camera array with a 50MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide sensor, and an unexpected addition: a 50MP periscope telephoto lens with remarkable optical zoom capabilities. The specifics of the camera system are still unknown. There are rumors that the front-facing camera is a decent 32MP. To reach a final decision on image quality, camera reviews are required.

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